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Vertical Blinds

Like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are made up of adjustable slats, but wider (typically 3-1/2”). Slats or “vanes” are suspended vertically from an overhead track. The angle of the slats controls the amount of light, angle of light and privacy. Vertical blinds can be made out of vinyl, cloth, metal, and even wood.


Vertical blinds are a mid 20th century innovation popularized by Robert James “Jim” Cayton and his LouverDrape company. Although designed primarily for commercial use, vertical blinds became popular for residential use in the 1970s. Today’s vertical blinds come in a wide range of quality, price and styles.  Vertical blinds are still a great, affordable alternative for sliders or vast windows. Alternatives for vertical blinds include sliding panel tracks and “vertical” honeycomb shades that traverse side-to-side with very minimal “stack.”

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